Thursday, October 27, 2011

The 53%

They call themselves the 53% because they are the 53% of Americans that pay federal income taxes.  They are a backlash group that backlashes the “occupy wall street” movement.  The people that are occupying Wall Street are asking for government handouts.  The argument that the 53% group makes is, "We don't want to be the 53% who carries the 47% on our shoulders," says Gardner, a member of the 53% group.  The people on Wall Street don’t have jobs and don’t pay income taxes, “they are a parasite to America”.  Gardner tells his story, “My wife and I decided in 1996 that we were sick of poverty.  We went back to school.  We earned degrees.  We got a job.  No one handed that out to us.  We earned it.  We did it.”  His point is that it’s up to you to work hard and get a job even if it’s not the job that you want at least it’s a job.  The “53%” group blames the 47% of Americans who pay zero dollars in income taxes.  How is America Supposed to recover if only half of Americans are contributing?  The Occupy wall street members are also pushing for heavier taxes on the rich, aka the hard workers, but how can they demand this if they aren’t paying a dollar of taxes?  Why should they get to vote if they don’t contribute to society? These people on Wall Street don’t understand how economics works, if they worked hard, got jobs, and started paying taxes the economy could start recovering.

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