Monday, October 17, 2011

Aquaponics and Agriculture

Aquaponics is a relatively new technology that presents potential solutions for increasing issues concerning energy efficiency, food production, and water recycling. In recent years many people have suffered greatly from natural disasters and economic downturns on a worldwide scale. More and more of the population simply cannot afford the cost of food, clean water, and energy. Aquaponics can solve all these problems. It can reduce at least one fourth of the cost of food by removing transportation and gas fees from the overall equation. It can produce locally grown agriculture in a water conserving cycling process. In a nutshell, an aquaponics system can produce urbanely grown organic produce, fresh water fish, and clean reusable water all in a self-sustaining system that is completely energy efficient. As a representative of the Environmental Science and Marine Biology research club, I find this idea revolutionary. It could possibly provide a new begging for the poverty-stricken people of Africa or perhaps provide relief for people devastated by natural disasters. Aquaponics is the future of agriculture and energy efficiency. All we have to do is integrate these systems in society and spread the word of this potentially life altering technology.

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