Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can gripping the court make a significant difference in the game of basketball?

A company called Mission AthleteCare is trying to make a difference in the newest problem area that these athletes are facing today.  Dwyane Wade is a supporter and an endorser of the Mission AthleteCare company and is also trying to make a difference with the problem of griping the court. He had this to say about the issue at hand, "You could talk to any basketball player, any athlete, it's a huge problem," Wade told CNBC. "I can name some arenas that I go to and I have to adjust my game. If you know my game, it's all about traction, about changing direction, it's about explosion." Wade is trying to innovate the game and help him and his teammates out for the games to come in the future. The real question is, will this new equipment actually make a real difference when it comes to game time? Also, will gripping the court make a big enough impact, that it could potentially change the outcome of the game? Dwyane Wade certainly thinks so, he just hopes it will help him get passed the big German guy standing in his way on the path to the finals.


chris cole said...

This is a big problem that will hopefully be addressed soon. As you know, courts sometimes are really slick and dusty and are sometimes even injury giving. Hopefully, D-wade will figure this thing out and make slick courts a non-issue. I feel like whatever product he comes out with will be a huge hit in the NBA (when there's a season), even around the world and will create huge profits. Although it might not be as big as other basketball-related products, a court-gripping gel or shoe will for sure generate some type of revenue.

jack attack said...

What is dwayne wade really trying to get from being a strong advocate of this? is he really concerned about this issue or is it merely personal gain for more fame and money. as a former parish episcopal B team basketball star i know the issue of slipping on the court is evident but not great enough to completey altar the game. i'm interested to see what happens with this.