Friday, October 28, 2011

The College Loan Crisis

Since the very first steps in education our minds have been driven toward a path of honor, excellence, and responsibility, so that one-day we might land in a good college and have the possibility of a secure future. However, nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. Today, many people have been subject to a very tricky system that is placing a crutch on the youth of America. This system is otherwise known as College Loans. The problem that many people are facing today is that they cannot leave college behind and move on with the future due to incredible debts and unpaid fees to educational institutions. The problem is continuing to grow, becoming a crisis in the economy because college education is very expensive and if not paid timely then interest sets in and more and more debt accumulates over time. Many Americans have reached the point where their college bills are consuming their income, happiness, and ultimately their whole life. The overall student loan default rate jumped 27 percent from 2008 to 2009, according to the latest government figures, increasing from 7 percent of all loans to 8.9 percent. Most alarming was the 31 percent spike in defaults among those who attended for-profit colleges, where the default rate reached 15.2 percent of loans. This is significant because the evidence for this growing crisis is evident yet many people are still suffering greatly. Ever persistent college debts are taking over the lives of youthful Americans and not enough is being done about it. The system that allows loans to be given to college students needs serious improvements that help guarantee that debts don’t reach a level that can’t be fixed. College’s need to take a closer look at who they loan money to and how that money is repaid.

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