Monday, November 14, 2011

Nook tablet v.s Kindle fire

As most people know, the Nook tablet and the Kindle are technology advancements in the way people perceive reading. They are obviously from two different companies so they are competing against each other, but which is better? That is a matter of opinion but most people would choose upon price. The price of the Kindle Fire, which was recently released, was set at a low $199 which is close to $50 less than the Nook tablet. Both have many different cool features but the point of them is to have books easy to read and easy access for people. This concept brings in another competitor, the iPad 2 which also allows for the user to have a library of books but that is not the main purpose of the iPad 2. It will be interesting to see how the two competitors decide to change their way of business and sales because the consumers are not attracted to it as much as the other due to price or quality.

Gas pricing changes from the European debt crisis?

The European debt crisis has been changing the U.S. gas prices drastically. The gas prices have been going up and down for the past few months. The price of oil fell to almost $98 per barrel. Due to the craziness happening in Europe, the U.S. is also worrying if it could lead to other things such as bank failures and possibly another recession. If this were to happen it would mean a weaker demand for oil.

Chance of 2010 recession tops 50 percent

The Federal government has been staying aware that there could be a chance of U.S. recession in the year 2012. With the European debt crisis at hand it is inevitable for the U.S. government to be thinking more about what could happen to us. The Federal government states that they are taking steps to not let this happen. They are not saying it will happen but it is a better chance that it will in the year 2012 as we get closer to it. If the European debt crisis keeps getting worse than the U.S. needs to be very careful. Because our economy is so weak, it can go down very quickly heading towards a recession so we must be precocious.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why the rise in oil prices might be a good thing

With the oil prices hovering around a height of $100 for the first time since summer it may not be good for microeconomics but it's a good sign for macroeconomics, thank you paradox of thrift. With the economy being able to hold the price of oil so high it is a good sign that the US economy isn't going to double dip into another recession. In line with that, the fear of Europe's debt crisis spreading to the US may have been slightly disproved as we see the prices of oil climb. Although there is a note of joy in this news we also need to take into consideration that with the prices of oil are climbing due to a decrease in the supply so we need to start looking for ways to conserve or find new sources of oil especially with the US exporting more.

Greek Debt Crisis

The problem of a growing debt in Greece increased when Greece swiched their currency to the euro. Government spending greatly increased when this swich occured sending the conntry into a plunging debt. During the time after this swich there was widespread tax evasion that allowed for the ratio of money flowing out of the government verus flowing in to be greatly skewed. When the international financial downturn occured Greece was far from prepared and because of this two bailouts were asked for in May 2010 and July 2011 at 110 billion euros and 109 billion euros each with the hoped for effect of controlling the crisis but with Portugal and the Irish Republic needing bailouts of there own, control of the crisis did not occur. When Greece asked for their third bailout in October they were denied and the question from the eurozone of whether Greece should be allowed to stay on the euro was raised. With no more bailouts Greece is having to go through extreme government spending cuts as well as raising taxes to account for this declination. This is causing Greece to fall into a reccesion which leads to higher unemployment and more benifit checks from the government, what seems like a downward spiral. With Greece now at a debt of about 340bn euros or $435bn it seems like there is no clear way out for them.
Lauren Edmond

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Modern Warfare Sales predict to Break Records

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was released in stores this november and on its day of release approximately 1.5 million gamers lined up outside 13,000 stores to buy a copy at midnight. The games popularity is throught the roof because of the last Call of Duty game Call of Duty : Black ops. Black Ops holds the current record for the entertainment industry’s five-day opening sales revenue record at $650 million worldwide. The popularity has gotten of these games have gotten more fan including myself and anylst say thaty MW3 will break the records set by Black Ops. So far Mw3 is on the right track. While hard numbers haven’t yet come in for MW3, Amazon said it generated 32% more pre-orders than Black Ops.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is it really worth it?.........IN 3DDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many industries today, including Sony and LG, have joined the bandwagon for 3D-TVs. Why is a 3D-TV better than my HDTV without glasses? The answer is processing power. In 3D-TVs, the TV duplicates the image being shown and creates the optical illusion of a 3D image. The illusion is done either with glasses or the screen itself. The 3D-TV industry has gained demand because the 3D market is fairly new and many sports consumers want to see the football game in more depth and dimensions for analyzing sports games. The 3D industry is still in its infancy and the TVs have multiple errors. The 3D-TVs are only able to be viewed directly in front of the screen. Looking at the screen from the side causes the viewer's mind to hurt from translated images. The 3D-TVs also have a lower pixel count (due to 2 images being displayed) compared to the 1080p HDTVs currently. Will the 3D industry eventually dominate the TV market? Possibly, but not for many years. The issues with 3D-TVs need to be fixed and improved on in order for older people with poorer eyesight to be able to see the same image. Maybe in about 20-40 years, TVs everywhere will display information IN 3DDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!