Thursday, November 3, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 On Pace to Break Records

Call of Duty video games have been one of the top selling games with every new release. The newest game, Modern Warfare 3, is already on pace to break the record of the previous Call of Duty. Black Ops, last year's COD game, set records for the most pre-orders of a game. Modern Warfare 3, however, is already way ahead of that number. Consumer expectations grow with the success of this game and the popular game has a higher demand than ever. Call of Duty is capitalizing on the high demand of the game by releasing Call of Duty: Elite, a $50 a year service that is for the ultimate COD gamer. The company is using the Call of Duty: Elite as a complement to the game that they can profit more money from. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is scheduled to be released November 8, and is one of the most highly anticipated games ever.


Zeev F said...

Great Blog! i agree that the elite will become a compliment, it will probably become very popular in the COD world. I hear the game has 16 million pre orders for the game on top of the elite adds much more. And since a large number of the COD player are hardcore the elite will be huge.

Eugene L III said...

Hey my blog is on the same thing. I agree with the both of you that Elite will compliment the game. Did you know that the it already had 32% more pre orders than Black Ops.