Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is it really worth it?.........IN 3DDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many industries today, including Sony and LG, have joined the bandwagon for 3D-TVs. Why is a 3D-TV better than my HDTV without glasses? The answer is processing power. In 3D-TVs, the TV duplicates the image being shown and creates the optical illusion of a 3D image. The illusion is done either with glasses or the screen itself. The 3D-TV industry has gained demand because the 3D market is fairly new and many sports consumers want to see the football game in more depth and dimensions for analyzing sports games. The 3D industry is still in its infancy and the TVs have multiple errors. The 3D-TVs are only able to be viewed directly in front of the screen. Looking at the screen from the side causes the viewer's mind to hurt from translated images. The 3D-TVs also have a lower pixel count (due to 2 images being displayed) compared to the 1080p HDTVs currently. Will the 3D industry eventually dominate the TV market? Possibly, but not for many years. The issues with 3D-TVs need to be fixed and improved on in order for older people with poorer eyesight to be able to see the same image. Maybe in about 20-40 years, TVs everywhere will display information IN 3DDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aditya said...

3D-TVs create a great theatrical experience. Now it is possible to have this experience at home, and people will flock to get it. However, if the concept is experiencing errors, it may not be safe to have these on the market. Increase in the numbers of problems could hurt the company that is selling them. Demand would decrease, and the company could lose serious business in the long run. It may be more beneficial in the long run for companies to get all the problems in 3D-TVs sorted out before selling them so any major future health problem doesn;t hurt them economically down the road.