Friday, November 4, 2011

Dippin' Dots Files for Bankruptcy

Whether at Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, or any other amusement park, we've all had Dippin' Dots: the little orbs of ice cream, commonly known as "the ice cream of the future". Thursday, November 3, Dippin' Dots filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in federal bankruptcy court in Paducah, KY, near their headquarters. In a statement, company spokesman Steve Heisner said the bankruptcy is a result of Dippin' Dots' "failure to reach an agreement with its secured lender Regions Financial." The company’s debt totals $12 million, with ranging from $657,000 owed to Peoples Bank to only $7.16 owed to Quimby Rubber Stamps Shoppe. People who are fans of Dippin' Dots, me included, don't have to worry - the company absolutely plans to stay in business regardless of the bankruptcy.

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