Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guns for Women?

in charleston south carolina a sheriff is urging women to buy and get permits for women to carry on them whenever they are alone. he exclaims that because of all the recent attacks and attempted rapes women shouldn't be taking any chances. this could bring about a large change in the market for handguns. there are 143 million females in the united states today and if everyone of them went out and purchased a handgun sometime in the next month the demand for guns would sky rocket.  the average hand gun is priced at around 300 dollars making the money pulled in by theses ladies would be somewhere around 2,490,000,000,000 dollars. this would cause a huge change for gun companies. unfortunately for gun companies i don't think every woman in the united states will go out and buy a gun but i think that the south carolina sheriff's press release will spark a small economic change in the gun market.


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