Thursday, November 3, 2011

NFL Team Losing Money

The Detroit Lions haven't just been losing game for the past few seasons, they've been losing money. The Lions are the only team in the NFL, that has a total of 32 teams, that actually lost money last season. What is to blame for the lacking profit? The Lions have a brand new stadium, but they have only managed to win 23 percent of their games in the last five seasons. The Lions poor performances have surely lowered fan, or consumer, expectations and has caused the demand for tickets and apparel to drastically decline. People don't want to cheer for a losing team, especially in a city like Detriot that hasn't had much success since they stopped being a world power for car production. Many people are pointing fingers at the owner of the team, William Clay Ford Sr., but is he really to blame? An owner can only do so much, it's not like he can actaully play out there and change the outcome of the game. Luckily, the Lions have been improving greatly this year with their play on the field and the future looks promising for the franchise and hopefully Ford Sr. might see a positive profit at the end of the season.

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