Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stealing is bad.

In 2001, Apple came out with their new phrase "RIP, Mix, Burn", which was the new slogan for burning music on to CDs, creating playlists, etc. The company strongly asked people not to steal music, and actually placed a label saying "Don't steal music" on the back of every ipod. As time went on, Apple came out with new products, people were making new software that made stealing music easier, and the two had somewhat meshed together. Apple created a new product called Icloud, in which someone could transfer all of the apps, music, etc. onto a computer that the phone is wirelessly synced up to, as long as their account is logged in. As someone who loves listening to music, it's a hastle to buy every single song I want to listen to, and it's easy to believe that people don't have incentive to buy the music, but just download it for free online somewhere. People stealing music hurts the music industry without a doubt because companies aren't getting all of the money they deserve for producing the music. While they are they making a lot of money, producing companies do lose a lot of profit. It is hard to track down all of the people who steal music, but those who do steal music need to hold themselves accountable and be honorable when getting music.

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