Thursday, November 3, 2011

$8 million iPad

A regular iPad 2 can cost anywhere from $499 to $829 depending how much memory you choose and whether it has 3G capabilities. Although a regular iPad 2 may seem expensive to most Americans, it is nothing compared to the iPad 2 Gold History Edition created by luxury enthusiast Stuart Hughes -- with an $8 million price tag!
Starting with a regular iPad 2, the aluminum back panel is replaced with one made of solid 24ct gold. Then, the normal Apple logo is replaced with one made of 24ct gold and with 53 diamonds. The part of the front of the iPad that surrounds the screen is made of ammonite, one of the rarest rocks on the planet. Finally, the feature that really sets this iPad apart is the actual Tyrannosaurus rex bones shaved into the finish. The final touch is the home button is replaced with a platinum base complete with 12 outer diamonds and a single 8.5ct centerpiece.
As if the price tag alone doesn't make this iPad a luxury good, only two in the world are being produced. This iPad is certainly an extreme example of a luxury good, which only a few are able to afford.


WendyS said...

This $8 million iPad sounds really pretty with diamonds and everything else. It would be so awesome to have this. But golden iPads are not inelastic goods. Plus when other new things come out even the new thing does not look as awesome as the $8 million one, some people are still gonna buy the new thing. How did people come up with this so luxury idea? Who really need this?What will people do with a tablet like this? Frame it and put in the shelf? If people didn't have to make all these super extreme luxuries, we can make some other stuff that will help more unemployment.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this iPad is definately an elastic good and not inelastic - if you don't have $8 million lying around, you will have no demand for it. I read that Stuart Hughes comes up with all kinds of crazy expensive luxury goods that nobody needs, nor can most people afford. I have NO idea what people would do if they actually had the money for this... it seems like it would be extremely fragile, but I don't know for sure. I also agree that the extreme amount of money put into manufacturing these 2 iPads could be used for something else that helps more people.

Anonymous said...

Agreed in my opinion that this is a waste of money of course it isnt even in my demand because I have nowhere near the money to buy this special iPad. Of course for Hughes this may not even be a luxury good because he has so much disposible income. With his means I dont even want to think what is considered a luxury good to him.I wonder how much of that MPS he has decided to save and how much he has decided to spend.

Lauren E