Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Peanut Butter Prices Are Nuts!

Trick-or-treaters may have paid more of a price this year during Halloween. Peanut butter and all the products associated with, such as Reese’s (the best candy on the market) are dealing with escalating prices due to one of the worst peanut harvests in recent years. Price increases ranging from 20% to 40% as early as last Tuesday have been issued for many Peanut butter producers. According to last year, the price for a ton of peanut butter has already gone up by $750 and continues to climb. Many experts agree that next years peanut butter prices can’t look any better until harvest time roles around. In addition, we can expect increases in many of the compliments associated with peanut butter products. Soon enough jelly will be sold at prices through the roof just because it is so closely associated with peanut butter. Next year’s harvest needs to produce a decent yield of peanuts because I don’t want to start paying the extra buck for something as simple as a Reese’s cup!

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